Happy caterday

I just coffee’d and now I am thinking about keys on the keyboard, family, and cats. The wind outside is whipping th elittle orange leaves and they are mixing with the yellow leaves. There are still green leaves on the trees. Tomorrow is the first day of fall.

Tomorrow is the same day that I will see my sister and my mom. We’ll be picking apples or pumpkins someplace up in the Lakes region of New Hampshire.

I am envisioning my favorite Macoun apple: large, green, with a hint of red.

Happy caterday!

Author: consingas

Hello, my name is Hilary, and I often find myself wondering about the many mysteries of life. Life can be more productive and fun when I step back and interpret it as infinite refactoring for discovery and enjoyment. That being said, I enjoy learning about the existential crises of others and the creative strategies people use to achieve goals through barriers, challenges, and obstacles.

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