4 8 2021

Here is what I ate today:


keto cereal: 3 Tbsp hemp hearts, 1 Tbsp chia seeds, 6 chopped almonds, 6 chopped macadamia nuts, heavy cream, apple pie spice, coffee w heavy cream and 1 scoop coconut vanilla MCT oil powder, slice of rye toast w two pats butter


shirataki Mac n cheese w crushed pork rinds and asparagus


salmon, garden salad, ranch dressing

1/2 slice turtle cheese cake

Author: consingas

Hello, my name is Hilary, and I often find myself wondering about the many mysteries of life. Life can be more productive and fun when I step back and interpret it as infinite refactoring for discovery and enjoyment. That being said, I enjoy learning about the existential crises of others and the creative strategies people use to achieve goals through barriers, challenges, and obstacles.

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