6 21 2021

There’s a few things in life that make things worth it:

food with people you love

A few weekends ago my family got together for a cook out and there were tons of amazing foods. We had home cooked comfort foods: grilled chicken, potato salad, and macaroons, just to name a few. But my favorite was one that my step mom made: keto broccoli salad. She used 1 cup mayo, 2 Tbsp apple cider vinegar, and 3 Tbsp Truvia sugar substitute as the base. Although she used cranberries, so it wasn’t completely keto, she used pecans, broccoli, and it went so well together.

Another surprising dish she made was keto mashed cauliflower, with a ton of butter, crushed red pepper flakes, and light cajun seasoning. This was surprising because the person who was interested in the “real” potato salad also liked the mashed cauliflower, and they weren’t expecting to like it so much.


Author: consingas

Hello, my name is Hilary, and I often find myself wondering about the many mysteries of life. Life can be more productive and fun when I step back and interpret it as infinite refactoring for discovery and enjoyment. That being said, this blog is about existential crisis and the creative strategies people use to achieve goals through barriers, challenges, and obstacles.

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