5 31 2021

Our dishwasher was not working at all last week, so I ordered breakfast from a local cafe every day. Now that our dishwasher is fixed, I will probably be cutting out peanut butter power smoothies and any croissant sandwiches from my list of acceptable foods, but it’s always nice to get to indulge. Highlights from this week were these keto Enlightened keto ice cream bars, covered in dark chocolate.

One of my immediate goals has been to add fiber to my diet in order to lower my cholesterol. A filling delight I added for the first time since being on keto is black beans. I also picked up some lupine beans and might use it in a veggie salad or something at the next family get together. Here is what I ate the past few days:

Tuesday 6:30am cheeseburger patty, three stalks grilled asparagus, 1 dill pickle spear, mug coffee w Swerve and heavy cream

12:30pm tuna salad, alfalfa sprouts, Cole slaw

7:00pm slice of rye toast w melted cheddar, keto ice cream pop, keto chocolate peanut butter cookie w whipped cream

Wednesday 6:00am sausage, egg, and cheese on croissant, peanut butter power

12:00pm two boiled hot dogs wrapped in toasted low carb cheesy mayo tortillas, keto ice cream bar

7:00pm chicken quesadilla, black beans and nacho cheese from Taco Bell, diet Dr. Pepper

Thursday 6:00am sausage, egg, and cheese on croissant, peanut butter power

12:00pm two low carb cheesy tortillas w black beans and ranch

6:00pm cheeseburger patty w black beans and ranch

Friday 6:00am sausage, egg, and cheese on croissant, peanut butter power

12:00pm leftover chicken quesadilla

5:30pm cauliflower crust hot chicken pizza, 2 mozzarella sticks w marinara, brownies and chocolate chip cookie w whipped cream

5 27 2021

Thursday 5:00am three scrambled eggs w cheddar

10:00am 1/2 tuna sub and cold keto cereal w unsweetened almond milk

1:00pm 1 grass fed beef stick and 1 mini chocolate peanut butter bar

2:00pm 1 cup hot coffee w creamer and Splenda, 1 grass fed beef stick and 1 mini chocolate peanut butter bar

Friday 5:15am three scrambled eggs w cheddar

10:00am cold keto cereal, tuna salad w low carb corn tortilla chips

2:30pm chicken breast, broccolini, mashed cauliflower w cheese

7:30pm Ben n Jerry’s NY Super Fudge Chunk ice cream w whipped cream, 1/2 glass unsweetened almond milk w heavy cream

Saturday 10:00am three scrambled eggs w cheddar, green onions, sausage, and bacon, mug coffee w Swerve and heavy cream

2:30pm grilled chicken, cheddar, lettuce, peanut sauce on tomato basil wrap, keto chocolate chip peanut butter cookie

Sunday 10:30am three scrambled eggs w mug coffee w heavy cream

1:00pm 2 scallops wrapped in bacon, 1 keto deviled egg

2:30pm 1 cheeseburger patty, 1 hot dog no bun, avocado, tomato, and cucumber salad, pasta salad, cauliflower potato salad, keto brownie w whipped cream

5:30pm cauliflower crust pizza

Monday 10:00am sausage, egg, and cheese on croissant, peanut butter power

5:30pm open-faced bacon cheeseburger w grilled asparagus, keto brownie

5 26 2021

Here is what I ate the past few days:

Thursday 8:00am 3 scrambled eggs w grated cheddar, 1/2 avocado, mug coffee w heavy cream and Swerve

12:30pm salad w asparagus and ranch dressing, 2 keto chocolate chip peanut butter cookies, almond milk w splash heavy cream

7:45pm Taco Bell chicken quesadilla

Friday 8:00am 2 eggs w cheddar and sausage patty, 1 slice wheat toast, peanut butter power smoothie

12:00pm 1 string cheese, three ribs w sugar free bbq sauce, gluten free peanut butter chocolate kind bar

3:00pm 1 string cheese, diet Dr. Pepper

8:00pm salmon sashimi, seaweed salad, two crab Rangoons, hot and sour soup

Saturday 7:00am salmon seaweed salad

12:00pm salad w grilled salmon, peanut butter chocolate brownie w ice cream

3:00pm two mozzarella sticks w marinara

5:00pm three mozzarella sticks w marinara, keto chocolate peanut butter cookie

Sunday 10:30am sausage egg and cheddar on croissant, peanut butter power

2:30pm low carb tortilla chips w Rotel dip

Monday 5:30am three scrambled eggs w cheddar

12:00pm three crab Rangoon, 1 grass fed beef stick

2:30pm gluten free chocolate peanut butter bar

5:30pm plain fried chicken wings, garden salad w ranch dressing, chilled lobster, four bites peanut butter cake

Tuesday 5:30am three scrambled eggs w cheddar

10:30am keto cold cereal w unsweetened almond milk

4:00pm 1 chalupa, 1 taco, kettle corn made w swerve confectioner substitute

Wednesday 5:30am two scrambled eggs w cheddar

10:00am keto cereal w unsweetened almond milk, keto peanut butter chocolate chip cookie, 1 avocado

2:00pm gluten free peanut butter bar

4 18 2021

I’ve been having dessert that’s so good I’d probably have it with every meal in a parallel universe.

sugar free chocolate pudding, instant from a box, just mix in 3 cups heavy cream and it sets in 5 minutes

whipped cream

keto peanut butter chocolate chip cookies

mix 3/4 peanut butter, 1/4 Swerve (I do 50/50 brown/white blend), 1 egg, 2 Tbsp keto flour, 1 tsp vanilla, sugar free dark chocolate cut into chunks

bake 350 degrees F 12 minutes, let cool 10 minutes

The pudding’s pretty filling, I take two Tbsp and add it to a bowl w the whipped cream and a cookie or two, sometimes pair it with a glass of unsweetened almond milk.


This morning has been a whirl of wind in preparation for Thanksgiving.

Picked up these adorable floral arrangements at the local farm store, potted in pumpkins. They used decorative cabbage, roses, alstroemeria, in these lovely purples, yellows, oranges. It is a fresh feeling I get when flower watching, I could just get lost in them. They clear my mind, until I am fresh and new again.

Listening to a new record, I just heard “drinking Coca Cola and red wine”. I wonder if this is an adaptation like rosè and Sprite, or if this is my mind playing tricks on me again. Sometimes I like to live in a world as if there were no google. It’s similar to how I felt as a kid I think, where I could with impunity believe things and just explore the world. I can remember times when I’d take closed containers of spices, a wooden spoon, and a bowl and pretend to mix the ingredients. I have a vivid memory of climbing into kitchen cabinets and holding my breath as long as I could. I must have watched an episode of Sesame Street or Mr. Rogers that talked about it. But I felt so free in that moment, I knew I could hold my breath just as long as those oyster divers would.

Waiting on a batch of three pumpkin pies to cook, I set up green bean casserole. Earlier this week, I looked online for the original green bean casserole, the one they used to put on either the can of mushroom soup or the can of Durkee fried crispy onions. This version was transcribed by a family member long ago and it now belongs to my sister. I recall looking at it a time or two as an adult, the neat handwriting on the index card. Yesterday, as I browsed YouTube, I could not find the original recipe. Many of the new renditions have sliced mushrooms, bacon, fresh sliced onion, even cheese. The only one I have ever eaten has soy sauce, I know that for sure.

I dumped them all into a pyrex dish:

1 can Campbell’s cream of mushroom soup

1 16 oz frozen French cut green beans,

1/2 Cup heavy cream

1 tsp soy sauce

handful of French’s crispy fried onions

Stir it all together

Bake 350 degrees F for 25 minutes

Add the rest of the fried onion toppings on top

Bake 10 minutes

Let cool 30 minutes, then serve

Kitchen scrap chili

Last weekend I had a ton of leftovers and was craving chili. So, I took them all and combined them with some pantry items:

  • pan of curry seasoned, boneless chicken thighs with cauliflower and cabbage
  • container of taco seasoned ground beef
  • half container of pasta sauce
  • half can of salsa
  • can chili beans

I cooked everything in a large pot and added some salt. Served with several dollops of sour cream and tortilla chips, I had a lovely meal Sunday and had leftovers all week. The combination of taco seasoning and curry (Korma seasoning), along with the tartness of the sour cream was just right.

Note: I’ve been lazy Keto since spring 2020, which just means I add a ton of fat to whatever I’m eating. I hadn’t been in keto for a while, due to laziness and not tracking carbohydrates. That day my body had started Keto again, as I had lost 1/2 lb. by the next day and ended up catching that Keto flu by the end of the night: nausea, shaking, feeling awful

Home cooked meal (chicken optional)



I visited my mom yesterday. She fixed butternut black bean soup with a side of garlic kale, fig preserves, chicken, and special Texan corn bread.

(Note: My mom might have gotten her corn bread recipe from the side of a Quaker corn meal box.)

Doused in a modest serving of Sriracha, the dish was plenty spicy, and the heat blends well with the sweet of the fig jam.


As for modifications in the soup, mom substituted chili powder for chipotle powder and omitted red pepper flakes.

Also, there was no mirin (Japanese rice wine) available at her grocery store, so she used sake.