Eric’s Sign

Thoughts of inspiration come seemingly from thin air. Here is a reminder for every day practice, whether in meditation, in solitude, or with others.

Advice from Marta

Two years ago today my husband’s oldest friend Eric died. I’ve written about Eric’s death and its effect on our family before. Last month Eric’s parents hosted a “Musical Ofrenda” at their church in Eric’s honor. Eric was an artist, an art teacher, and a music lover and the evening consisted of examples of all three sides of Eric.

At the end of the evening, Eric’s parents presented the world premiere of an original work of music, they had commissioned: Eric’s Sign. The words came from a note Eric once left on the door of his classroom. It is wonderful advice, and one of my favorite poems.

Eric’s Sign
There will be no lunchtime art until 12:25 pm. If you have recess before 12:25, there is no lunchtime art for you. Instead:

Go outside.
Enjoy life.
Celebrate the unfathomable joy of your youth.
Meditate on the oneness of the…

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Thank you for helping me realize that, with sunlight, magic, a person’s embrace, the feeling of love and acceptance are always available to us throughout our lives. Through rainy days and snow, run through turmoil or simply feeling a bit down in the dumps, people are our greatest resource. this blog is a tribute to that process.

Asparagus chop

Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 9.07.00 AM

Slow food takes a turtle view of life. What with all the exertion of effort and boundless exasperation, comprising the vegetable trials is the asparagus.

The texture and consistency of this veg is a meatiness that blends well with other slippery veg, like mushrooms, and root veg including sweet potato and Brussels sprouts. Better still, the pairing of fish, tuna and salmon, uplift the experience.

To prep the veg, I wash them under the faucet for a minute and then snap the root end. The bend will find a natural chop point if you break it off in your hands.

Although I love it, the cook experience is an art. I have had sampled raw and nearly liquid state asparagus, so the most important point to consider is how to cook to done and yet avoid pushing over the edge to mushiness.

I. Pour veg into rolling boil water pot for one minute

II. immediately remove from heat

a. either stick in strainer or

b. pour in bowl of ice water



I’ve been yelping for a while and I never used to do it, but I think it just emerged as a pattern for me. I like to give only positive reviews. It’s not that I’ll give them on purpose, but I will tend to give whatever bad experience I may have had a cooling off period. I feel like sometimes I get into this vortex wherein all my feelings build upon themselves, forming this spiraling inferno that is not complimentary and does not really do much but to create negativity. Instead of this, I’ll ignore those feelings and go back to the place again after a few months and then decide if I like the place. Although statistically unlikely, I often feel like the best time you could possibly have is bound to happen, or could happen next time.

While I was writing this I remembered a review for pizza that is in an episode of the TV show Community.