Election Day in America, continued

I’ll admit I didn’t see the value of CNN after they said Clinton “won” the debate in 2015 against Bernie Sanders and that lesser known third candidate from Maryland. When clear screenshots documented the watchers’ survey on CNN that 96% thought Bernie won, but CNN published Clinton as the winner the next day, I wondered: can anyone actually win a debate? CNN wasn’t reporting what viewers believed won the debate, but rather were a mouthpiece for whom they were supporting. I consider CNN a viable news source, with reputability in its name, but didn’t trust it to reflect what really happened.

I pretty much wrote off CNN for five years until after Election Day 2020. What turned me in particular is the vote count where Wolf Blitzer and John King interview local politicians and vote counters with ongoing vote counts in states like Georgia and Pennsylvania. They work with a touch screen and pull up a box with Trump and Biden’s pictures on them to write in the tally when a vote count or vote dump comes in, and next to Biden’s tally King writes the percentage of votes he’s won. Biden only had to get 56% of incoming votes, but was far surpassing that at a clip of 60-70% and, as was repeated through the wee hours of the mornings following November 4th, 2020, this feels like Christmas Eve for a little kid.

Earlier this morning, Georgia has Biden leading by 1,000 votes, where earlier they had Trump leading, and within the past hour, Pennsylvania’s got Biden in the lead by 5,000 some off votes. I still strongly believe that the Electoral college is a bygone, backwards thing that must be dismantled.