Records and rackets

CAM00170I hope to one day string together the things I do not need and see them through to their meaningful ends. Football and beer, both American pastimes, are joint clichés. Sometimes I think about the movie Big Business starring Lily Tomlin and Better Midler and recall the mirror scene, where Midler and her twin sister parrot each other’s movements until they reach a level of certitude that the reflection has pulled away from itself. Certain things I back away from, being predictable, and strangely tonight I only timidly pick apart the alikeness in me.

Although destined for oneness, there is a reckoning that splits the atom. In a snow globe there is no weight. The confetti falls where everything is free. A friend of mine works in a bottling plant. He says the term they use for opened or damaged cases is breakage. At his old job, he was allowed to bring home a certain number of breakage bottles a week. He gave me one piece of advice: always go where the beer is free. Free beer tastes better than anything you ever pay for.

Tonight on the way home from work I swing by the Drinking Consultants. It’s this place I like because it’s got a great selection and the dudes are cool. I picked up a case of my favorite beer by Uinta brewery. It’s a twelve pack of half Hop Nosh, half Trader IPA. There are missing cans so the guys at the store sell it to me for half off. They’re cool like that. I thank them and tell them I’ll be back next week for an unopened version of this.

Summertime in New England is when the higher ABV beers are too caloric and filling, so I resort to the light mirage of a drink that I can be light with. Nothing gets heavy. Trader IPA is a session beer, so it levitates. I sit on the couch intently writing about this idea, how things are so light they are almost unseen, unknowable in their limitation.

I am watching the men’s US open in tennis, Roger Federer vs. Steve Darcis. The match is something I sense going on in the background as my new record plays. I got Depression Cherry by Beach House today. Living in tandum with so many wonderful things, I like to think life is a bit of treading water into our sinking oblivion of ourselves. I like to get lost when I am feeling other things.

Session drinks have less than or equal to 4% alcohol by volume (“The Session”, 2015). Aaron Goldfarb of Esquire magazine defines the term sessioning as one’s ability to drink as much as one likes from four in the afternoon until bedtime without getting truly wasted. I reappropriate the term limitation of flavor as the certainty that I can enjoy myself without needing a nap. Although some of the flavor is changed in its lightness, I can see through things and onto the next thing standing across from itself into a new mirror.

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